Location of Marco POLO Apartments in Korcula

Marco POLO Apartments are located in Croatia, on the island of Korcula – one of the Dalmatian islands, in the Adriatic sea. The apartments are situated in the charming Korcula terraced townhouse, located in the very heart of Korcula Old Town – a typical medieval and Renaissance Mediterranean town.

The location of the apartments is in the street Ulica Marka Andrijica, which is the first street on the right just off the main Korcula Old Town square ‘ Pijaceta’ The street is located right across the road of Korcula Town Museum, opposite the Korcula’s Bishop’s Treasury and around the corner of Korcula main cathedral Sv. Marko.

Apartments are also conveniently located for easy visits to small restaurants and cafes located just a few steps from Marco Polo Apartments on the edge of Korcula Old Town – area called Zakrjan. Our local restaurant (in our street) is Konoba Marinero – run by a young couple whose home is in our street too. See more of Korcula restaurants.

Apartments Marco Polo are easily accessible from Korcula main bus station and/or Korcula’s ferry terminal (all on 2 – 4 min walk) so Apartments are an ideal accommodation for people who want to be in the center of the action and don’t want any hassle of driving, commuting or similar while on holiday.

Read more details about the location of these apartments: Korcula Old Town Photos of Old town Main square ‘Pjaceta’‘Zakrjan’ – Old Tows’s promenade

Note: If you intend to come to Korcula in your own car (or rented car) you can find a parking place on the western as well as the eastern edge of Korcula Old Town.

Though, we must say, parking places in the very center of Korcula are scarce and tend to be overcrowded in the summer months.

Korcula Old Town – Location of APARTMENTS ‘MARCO POLO’

Above photo shows Korcula Old Town photographed from above a red arrow indicating the location of Marco Polo Apartments in street Ulica Marka Andrijica at the eastern part of Korcula Old Town


Old Town’s main square Pjaceta, with Cathedral Sveti Marko and town’s museum

Approach to Trg Svetog Marka

Main Entrance to Korcula Old Town from the South

Revelin Tower at the main entrance to Korcula Old Town

Trg Svetog Marka locally called “Pjaca” with the portal of Cathedral Sveti Marko on the left and Korcula Town Museum’s balcony on the right (with a flag). Next to the Cathedral is Bishop’s Treasury, that borders with street Ulica Marka Andrijica where our apartments are located.

Entrance to the street Ulica Marka Andrijica

This is a southern side of Korcula Old Town’s main square ‘Pjaceta’ (pronounced ‘Pyatzeta’), on the right, and Bishop’s Treasury on the left (a palace with a large balcony). Marco Polo Apartments are located just off this main square, on street Ulica Marka Andrijica.